Academy Talent Hub


York City Academy’s Talent Hub at Thirsk School is a unique collaboration where club and school have come together to support the ongoing development of male and female, talented footballers in North Yorkshire. This combination of an outstanding education at Thirsk school and football education through York City, is underpinned by both, having a strong desire to holistically develop the young people in their care. Both school and club will be working together to ensure that pupils are actively encouraged to be the best they can be as pupils, athletes, and people.

"Football in education, an education in football"


Sporting & Educational Development

Year 6 pupils accepted onto this programme will enrol at Thirsk School for the start of their secondary school journey in Year 7.

Whilst there, part of their timetable will be delivered by York City Academy coaches, dedicated to supporting their development as footballers and using football as a vehicle to underpin their personal and athletic development.

They will of course receive the rest of their education from Thirsk School and be integrated with Thirsk School like any other pupil to study their core curriculum as well as a range of other subjects.

Football as a career

We recognise that whilst it may be the dream of many, a professional career in football isn’t a reality for most. This programme’s main aim is to maximise these talented young people’s love of the game and support their on-going development. As they move through the school, part of their time within the Talent Hub timetable will be used to explore different roles and careers in football that these young people may use their passion to move into in the future.

The York City Talent Hub will be supported by a highly professional, knowledgeable, and supportive team of coaches who are passionate about developing young people and helping them be the best version of themselves. As well as being experts in football, most importantly they are experts in child development.


  • Enrichment
  • Experiences
  • Stadium tours
  • Training ground visits
  • Football industry training
  • Club mascots
  • Ballboy/girls
  • Stadium training sessions
  • 1st team fixtures


As the squads transition from year group to year group they will take part in football learning modules:

  • Football coaching
  • Refereeing and officiating
  • Football Development
  • Match preparation and analysis
  • Sports Science
  • Recruitment and talent identification


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