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City back Council’s fight against Coronavirus

31st January 2021

We have joined partners across York to back the council’s new campaign and use our position in the community to help get safety messages out.

The campaign called ‘my covid story’ features real-life covid experiences of people living and working in York and reminds residents of the importance of working together in the fight against coronavirus.

Heartfelt and moving, the stories paint a clear picture of the impact of coronavirus on the lives of local people.

The campaign is being supported by a range of partners in the city, including representatives from the city’s professional sporting teams.

York City Football Club Chairman Jason McGill said: “Covid guidelines are incredibly important and are in place to keep us safe. We're proud to be able to use the club's profile within the community, to help support the council in their efforts to share this important message. The club, our staff and players wish everyone in York and the surrounding areas well in these challenging times.”

To find out more about tackling coronavirus in York visit

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