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Bootham Crescent planning application granted

By Dan Simmonite | 4th February 2022

We can confirm that the Section 106 agreement for the Bootham Crescent site has now been signed by all parties.

This includes Bootham Crescent Holdings, York City Football Club, The Football Stadia Improvement Fund and Persimmon Homes along with City of York Council.

This means that the approved planning application has been formally granted.

Various conditions are being discharged and negotiations are progressing with Persimmon.

To read more on the legacy plans for Bootham Crescent please click here.


Naming of Apartment Blocks

We are working with Persimmon Homes to help the housing developer decide the naming of roads and buildings which will embellish the eventual housing estate at Bootham Crescent – the club’s former ground of 89 years.

Supporters can still make suggestions through the online form – click here to fill out the form.


David Longhurst Way and Keith Walwyn Walk have already been agreed in principle for the road and cycle path on the development, but the club would like to take suggestions from supporters on the naming of the four apartment blocks which will sit on the site.

The club is creating a shortlist of names to present to Persimmon, with the backing of the fans which will help narrow down the four names for the apartment blocks planned for the site.

So far supporters have suggested cult heroes of the Crescent, influential Chairmen and backroom/office staff or much-loved supporters who graced the terraces at the ground. City of York Council advise that all names submitted for the four housing blocks must be deceased people.

As part of the project, over the next few weeks, in conjunction with the York Press, the club will be helping recount individuals who have made significant impact for the football club in written features by journalist Steven Lewis.


Stadium Development Director Ian McAndrew said: “There will be people to remember – perhaps those who have over the years contributed to the club’s history and that of Bootham Crescent itself. Persimmon have asked the club to seek suggestions from the fans of all generations for the naming of four of the buildings within the scheme. This a very rare and exciting opportunity for fans to be involved and will add further to the long-term legacy of the club’s almost 90 years history with Bootham Crescent.

“Obviously, there will be players who are so often fans favourites and whose achievements are perhaps more commonly known. However, we must remember that there are also many others who have over the years contributed to our famous clubs’ successes.

“People from managers and trainers to groundsmen or turnstile operators. From 50/50 ticket volunteers as well from as fans who have left their mark on this great old stadium and whose contribution deserves to be remembered here.

“Whilst this is not a competition, there are some rules that we have to respect in putting forward a number of the most popular suggestions to Persimmon. It is for them to make their decisions not YCFC and they will subsequently submit their preferred names in conjunction with the council for formal approval.

“Please think carefully in making your suggestions as this will indeed be a great honour and please note that any names we pass onto to Persimmon will require their family’s approval.

“On behalf of the club and all York City’s fans I would like to thank Persimmon for giving us this opportunity to be involved in contributing to this important part of their project.”


We thank supporters who have made initial suggestions for place names at the Bootham Crescent site.

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