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City emphasise 'Smoke no Joke' campaign

18th September 2019

We further remind fans that the Club fully endorses the National League’s ‘Smoke no Joke’ campaign to eradicate the use of flares, smoke bombs and pyrotechnics at games.

Flares and smoke bombs not only disrupt play, and the supporter’s enjoyment of football – the toxins they let off can also seriously damage health and may cause life-threatening injuries.

As a result of a number of warnings from authorities, the Club has been directed to take the strongest action available against anyone found in possession of a flare, smoke bomb or any other such pyrotechnics and fans are warned that we will apply a zero tolerance approach to anyone attempting to bring in such items to City games.

The Club risks serious penalties if this continues to happen – the authorities will not tolerate the use of such devices and we have been warned of possible disciplinary action if it happens again.

In order to protect all supporters, we reserve the right to search your person and effects. Furthermore, we reserve the right to pursue legal action, civil or criminal, against any person who contravenes current legislation or our stadium regulations.

To further safeguard all who attend matches at Bootham Crescent, we welcome any information which will assist us in apprehending any individuals responsible for discharging or being party to the discharge of any pyrotechnics.

It is against the law to bring these devices into any football ground. Courts have a sentencing guideline of three months’ imprisonment and a three-year football banning order. Those prosecuted will not only face a criminal record and imprisonment but will also face future sanctions including restriction on travel overseas.

We plead with the minority of supporters to be responsible whilst cheering on City and help us ensure that Bootham Crescent is a welcoming safe environment to all fans.

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