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Our Vision, Mission & Values

6th July 2022

The football club is pleased to release the new owners Vision, Mission & Values statement. This working document is expected to evolve as the board and Supporters’ Trust engage with internal stakeholders and supporters in the coming months.



Our primary goal is to build a vibrant, successful, and sustainable professional football club that serves our fans and the local community. Our vision is to deliver a permanent return to the English Football League.



We will achieve our objectives by adopting the following core principles:

  • Putting supporters at the heart of everything we do and striving to deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Establishing a distinctive style & format of entertaining football that feeds through all levels of the club.
  • Developing an effective, sustainable, and dynamic business plan that maximises the available playing budget to deliver success.
  • Working in close partnership with local organisations, supporters’ groups, and business.



 “We are a united York City tribe and can achieve anything when we all work together”



The Football Club & Supporters’ Trust boards promise they will always:

  • Recognise that it is an honour to act as custodians and guardians of York City FC.
  • Work positively together in the best interest of the football club and its supporters.
  • Communicate effectively with supporters and listen to their views.
  • Treat all fans, staff, management, players, and partners with respect.
  • Act as swiftly as possible to put things right if they go wrong.
  • Strategically invest in the football club to meet our core objectives.
  • Proactively encourage diversity and stamp out any kind of discrimination.
  • Provide guidance, mentorship, and training to our staff.
  • Support, foster and nurture talent within our local football community.
  • Maintain and build upon the success of the York City Academy.
  • Do everything we can to protect the local and global environments.
  • Support the fantastic work of the York City Foundation.
  • Work constructively with local community partners and businesses.

By delivering on these promises we will begin to forge a more unified fan base and a renewed sense of positivity.  We firmly believe that every single York City fan and employee has a role to play in delivering the success we all hope for.


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