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Playoffs back on for City

17th June 2020

York City Football Club welcomes tonight’s announcement from the National League, which confirms that clubs have voted to conclude the season based on unweighted points per game and reinstate play-offs.

See the full announcement here:

York City has another chance at promotion and will now seek guidance from the league and government on a number of points including, but not limited to, hosting play-offs safely and in line with government guidelines, testing protocols, broadcast opportunities and financial support.

Today, the club also raised a query directly with the league, regarding the protection of promotion places, asking that should the play-offs be cancelled for any reason two promotion places are still honoured.

Within the detailed proposal, York City chairman Jason McGill highlighted that the league could and should adopt the EFL’s new regulations which state that: “If the Board determines that it is necessary to cancel a Division’s 2019/20 play-off competition, the Board shall determine which one of the four Clubs (in this case six Clubs in the NLN and NLS) that would have participated in that play-off competition shall be promoted to the next highest Division.”

Thank you to our fans for their on-going support.

As and when we receive further guidance and information we will update.

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