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12th June 2020

The National League North and South are understandably seeking to bring finality to their 2019-20 season and will do so at a meeting to be held on 15 June 2020, which will include a crucial decision impacting upon the claim for promotion by York City Football Club from National League North.

The York City FC Board of Directors have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, to demonstrate to influential parties that promotion would only be reasonable, fair and equitable. We are fighting for the club.

Our view is that the club were in top position after an 81% completion of our scheduled games when the season was ended and this should be recognised. In addition to this, we have not been able to fight for a second chance at promotion in the play-off’s.

We have therefore tabled an alternative resolution, an amendment, to be heard at the National League Meeting which, in essence, agrees with utilisation of an unweighted points per game calculation. However, the proposal is extended whereby if play-off games do not proceed for any reason the two teams deemed to finish highest in National League North and South should be promoted.

We believe this alternative resolution, if carried, has considerable merits for all connected with football as it strenuously reinforces the underlying ethos of success on the pitch being recognized, thereby maintaining the integrity of the National League North and South Competitions. 

In addition, it provides our huge number of loyal fans, who have contributed so greatly to the atmosphere and success particularly at away games during recent years, an opportunity to participate at a higher level in venues throughout the Country.

At the meeting on Monday, clubs in the National League North and South will constitute four votes and the National League will have 24 votes i.e. 32 votes in total. 

After discussions with our peers, we are hopeful that clubs in the North and South will support our amendment and therefore we may be in a situation where we require nine votes from the 24 clubs in the National League for this to be carried.

We sincerely hope this will be achieved, in view of what we believe we are able to contribute towards the 2020-21 season, although our voice needs to be heard.

We would therefore encourage all supporters of York City to join our #Promote2 campaign on social media launched today.

As a passionate and proud club, we are putting our focus, time and effort into fighting for our club’s future however we remain acutely conscious of the continuing pandemic which has sadly taken so many lives and thank the key workers still at the front line.

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