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Seats go on sale at Bootham Crescent

8th October 2020

As the sun goes down on Bootham Crescent we begin to remember the history, our memories of those great games and possibly purchasing an item of memorabilia from what has been our home since 1932.

Towards the end of last year, we asked supporters to register their interest in securing items in and around the stadium – we received well over a thousand replies and have been listed against items they would like to purchase.

From the replies and listing the ‘sale’ will be split into three categories. Expensive and antique items will be auctioned by an appointed ‘Auction House’ – this will cover such items as the Board Room furniture, the antique turnstiles, floodlights, stands, metal fencing etc.

Signage, picket fencing, sections of crush barriers, pieces of terracing, bricks etc will be done by an auction hosted by the club - with items going to the highest bidder.

Sale of Seating

The first items offered ‘For Sale’ are the seats in the Main Stand (wooden) Popular Stand, Family Stand, and Directors Box.

By far the biggest interest and items registered was the purchase of seats – season ticket holders wanting to purchase their seat or others just requiring an item of memorabilia. The wooden seats in the main stand will be a prized possession, the seats are the oldest example in the country and have sparked a great deal of outside interest. The Popular Stand (the oldest plastic seats) and the family stand seats have received interest from other clubs in the country.

All seats will initially go on sale to our supporters, season tickets holders’ seats will be reserved and will have priority to purchase their seat. No season ticket seating can be purchased and we reserve the right to select the seat(s) purchased.

Due to the configuration of the seats, apart from the isle or end of a row, all seats share a bracket/fixing. When a purchase is made we will ensure all seats will be supplied with the correct number of brackets.

To purchase/reserve a seat please complete the form attached below in downloads and return to: or post to Bootham Crescent, York, YO30 7AQ.

Please Note:

  • The price quoted includes for the removal of the seat/seats and preparing for collection by the purchaser.
  • No seat will be removed until Bootham Crescent is deemed to be surplus to requirements by the Club.
  • Payment will only be taken prior to removal.



PDF icon Bootham Crescent - Sale of Seating.pdf


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