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Vice Presidents fund new Training Ground gates

By Dan Simmonite | 12th December 2019

York City Football Club would like to thank the Vice Presidents for generously funding the new front gates at the Wigginton Road Training Ground.

The old gates were a target of the theft and vandalism at the Club earlier in the season, and new heavy duty barriers will now act to secure the facility, along with CCTV monitors.

Richard Adams, chairman of the York City FC Vice Presidents, spoke after the new construction: “During the close season the Vice Presidents donated £4,000 to cover the cost of remedial works at the Wigginton Road Training Ground.  The main pitches were regraded, hollow tined, sand dressing applied and fully reseeded.”

He continued: “Our members were disgusted at the damage caused by the individuals who broke into the training ground, driving over the playing surfaces leaving the ruts and tyre marks.

“The club’s groundsmen were involved in repairing and making good the damage, however the main gate and fence at the entrance was damaged so severely they needed to be replaced.

“Our membership stepped in immediately with an offer to replace the gate and the adjoining fence with a more secure version to ensure that this form of damage is not repeated. 

“We the help from Blacker Steel Fabrications and a further donation of over £2000 we are delighted to report that together with the new gate and the extra security installed we will eliminate a repeat of this mindless vandalism.”

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