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Schools step up to the challenge

19th February 2018

Pupils, staff, and parents from Ralph Butterfield School in Haxby received tickets for a recent home game after winning a 'Pedometer Challenge' organised by the York City Football Club Foundation.

The winning class from the school had walked a combined total of 1.67 million steps in just one week, using pedometers to monitor their activity.

Over 2,200 children aged 4-11 took part in the challenge - part of an Outreach Programme which also involved monitoring sleeping and eating patterns.

The children benefitted from workshops based on the theme ‘Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat’ which mirrors a national campaign organised by the club's main sponsors Benenden (health and wellbeing providers in York), who also funded the programme.

Emphasis was placed on the importance of mental health in young people with a particular focus on the effects of poor sleep or lack of sleep.

Many young people engage more and more in electronic gaming and use their mobile phones until late in the evening. The after effects of this behaviour can be evident in the classroom.

Paula Stainton, Foundation Manager said: “Following our visits into schools this season, we ran a 'Top Gear-style' leader board on our social media accounts throughout December with regular live posts announcing the submissions from each school class as we received them.

"It was great to see how the schools and the young people’s families engaged with this, including comments about how their children wanted to go for a run to get more steps in or how the challenge was being embraced at home with competitions to beat 'Dad'. The success of these projects will be the impact they have in the long-term," she added.

The Ralph Butterfield School’s winning class (6C) completed 1.67m steps over the week and finished narrowly ahead of Acomb Primary School (Class EJ/MB) with 1.427m steps and Stillington Primary (Class KS2) with 1.425m steps.

Emmie Wise, CSR and Engagement Co-ordinator from Benenden said: “We aim to educate our members and local community on the importance of understanding what the body needs when it comes to rest, nutrition and activity levels.

"This all ties into leading a healthy lifestyle and is particularly important to learn at a young age. We’re really pleased to have been able to fund such an educational Outreach Programme and want to say a big 'well done' to everybody that took part in the Pedometer Challenge and send congratulations to Class 6C at Ralph Butterfield School. Good work everyone!”

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