Academy Groups Engage In Sports Science and Medicine in Football After Care Programmes

York City Academy U13s, 14s, 15s & 16s engaged in a Sports Science and Medicine in Football Academy After Care Programme at York College on Thursday evening.

It has long been acknowledged that players leaving any kind of talent development programme can be a very challenging time for all involved. In recognition of this, York City FC Academy continue to develop and execute an After Care Programme.

York City FC Academy is continually committed to ensuring that players are aware of, and are supported to pursue, alternative career choices during their time with us.

Led by York St John University lecturers Dr Jamie Salter and Dr Dale Forsdyke, the session on Thursday had been designed to give the young Minstermen knowledge in the role of sports science and strength and conditioning in football, and what Sports Scientist and Strength and Conditioning Coaches do, as well as the role of sports injury practitioners in football.

An engaging period of the sessions also allowed students to practice and develop assessment of a non-breathing casualty, and the delivery of basic life support.

We thank those from York St John University for giving their time to inspire our groups, as well as the players for engaging well in the sessions.

With the aforementioned age groups mentioned, this is a time of great change in a young person’s life physically, socially, and psychologically, and also a time when career choices begin to be made. As such, we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that players are equipped with the knowledge of what options are available to them to pursue a career beyond being a professional athlete.