David Stockdale shared his thoughts following Garforth Town friendly

York City FC Head of Recruitment David Stockdale spoke to the local press following Tuesday evening’s behind closed doors friendly against Garforth Town.

Analysing the game with BBC Radio York’s David Ward, Stockdale said: “The main thing for us was that the lads that haven’t played many minutes and didn’t get on the pitch, it was really important for us that they did.

“Sometimes these games aren’t about results, a lot of them to start with won’t be about results. Momentum, fitness, and the regime that’s being put in place for the fitness programmes.

“Everyone’s got to keep up to that pace.”

With the National League’s opening day just over three weeks away, and recruitment having stepped up in the early stages of pre-season, the first-team staff have the task to get players ready within a month of work.

Every member of the night’s 18-man squad was given minutes, which pleased Stockdale. He added: “That’s the most important thing.

“The gaffer’s hoping to get more of them games in. As you know we’ve got a transition going into a different phase, as the owner and the gaffer mentioned, a ‘B’ team could be on the horizon.

“But we’re transitioning, so it’s only fair to give everybody a fair chance.”

After opening the scoring, Zanda Siziba was an early withdrawal, and the Head of Recruitment clarified that it was not a planned change.

“I think we’ll just have to assess him because he’s a bit tight,” Stockdale admitted.

“He’s new to the regime. There are some lads that have been doing offseason programmes and obviously because he came in late, we’ll just have to assess him, and we’ll take precautions.

“That’s not just for him, that’s for all players, we’re looking after them. They’re in great condition.

“Sometimes these things can happen and it’s a disappointment, but hopefully it’s just a little niggle and he’ll carry on training.”

On individual performances, he added: “There were good points and bad points for everyone. That was the same as Saturday.

“I thought [Sam] Sanders started really well.

“We’ll go through it just like any other game, the gaffer is really pinpoint on those things. The extent of analysis we’re doing this year eclipses anything we’ve ever done.

“It will be a case of it’s there to improve, and that’s what these games are for.”

“When we’re talking to players, we put it back on them,” the 37-year-old answered on how easy it is to get players to buy into the use of analysis and data.

“So, we tell them what’s happening at this club, the excitement that surrounds it, and what we expect.

“We ask them to be honest, if they think they can’t deliver that, we lay it out for players and then if they come in and sign that form, they’re expected to get up to that level.”

Four trialists turned out for the Minstermen against the Northern Counties East League side.

On analysing their performances, the Head of Recruitment said: “With the trialists it’s a different story.

“They’re trying to catch up. They’re also trying to impress.

“They’ve been very tidy in training and stuff, but it’s also unfair for me or the gaffer to cast judgements so early.”