In-Store Rewards Scheme Launched

York City is offering a greater incentive to visit the club shop when making purchases, launching our new in-store rewards scheme.

When visiting in-store, supporters can now sign-up to our rewards scheme after making their first purchase.

As a sign up bonus, a 10% discount offer will be rewarded following the initial transaction and sign up.

ALL supporters, whether you’ve purchased in-store in the past or not, are eligible.

After that, supporters will receive 10% off a transaction after spending £50 in person (this can be done across multiple transactions).

For example, a supporter may spend £30 one day, £25 another day and then £5 on a third different day. After the third transaction, a 10% discount code will be sent.

Terms & Conditions: Only valid on purchases made in store. Discounts not valid on replica shirts, sale items, wall tiles, and non-physical products. Discount code not valid on day of sign-up. Only valid for 30 days. Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.