Reflecting on the York City x Pavers Foundation Community Day in support of Ukraine

By Steve Ovenden

We are delighted to announce that the bucket collection for Ukraine Appeal around the LNER Community Stadium on Monday raised £555.16, which will be spent on medical aid.

60 members of our Ukrainian Community attended the match against Rochdale and, despite the result, enjoyed their visits with many saying they will attend City games again.

There have been so many messages of thanks, and those children who were mascots were beyond excited to join the players entering the field of play that day.

Steve Ovenden (aka Yorkie) said: “We thank all at York City for the warm welcome our guests received.”

Steve and Stuart Paver will head to Ukraine on 14th September to deliver further medical items and the money raised will save lives.

More on their efforts and details on how to donate can be found by clicking here.