Supporter reimbursement details | Altrincham (A)

Following active conversations with Altrincham, York City can now provide the following update to supporters regarding their reimbursement.

Co-Chairs Matthew and Julie-Anne Uggla expressed their immediate desire post-Altrincham to reimburse those supporters who had attended that evening.

With thanks to The Robins, refunds will be executed on behalf of the football club by Altrincham themselves.

Altrincham have confirmed they can action refunds on behalf of the football club from Friday, March 29th and onwards.

Supporters will be refunded, in full, via the card they paid with online when purchasing their ticket/s.

York City had initially been looking at potential reimbursement packages to propose to supporters, hence the slight delay, but understands due to legal reasons that Altrincham must execute refunds directly via their system.

Those with any further queries regarding their reimbursement should in this instance contact [email protected].