Julie-Anne Uggla

Julie-Anne Uggla has been committed to working with charities and causes at a critical level since 1992. Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Canada, her global works has spanned the UK, Ukraine, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Zambia (and counting!).

Julie-Anne has worked as a large-scale fundraiser, a major donor, executive producer and advisor and as a charity founder. In 2003 she founded Zamcog, a charity assisting and educating disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Zambia.

Julie-Anne’s impact initiatives comprises her family philanthropic activities under the Fôr Foundation, social enterprise and impact investing and other corporate giving. Julie-Anne’s foundation, The Fôr Foundation delivers solutions to innovative causes that seek to make transformational change for the good of society and the environment. The Foundation is made up of carefully selected organisations, charities and causes that need support to bring about transformational change for issues that may otherwise lack sustainable forms of assistance.

Alongside Julie-Anne’s philanthropic initiatives, she has been a keen businesswoman for over 30 years. She founded her first business at the age of 24 and has since launched and invested in a number of successful startups, specifically in the travel, philanthropic and media sectors. Recently, pivoting to hospitality, she opened a luxury boutique hotel to encourage more visitors to experience the beauty and charms of Alderney, the northernmost channel island. Her latest project is the feature film, The Flood, of which she is Executive Producer. Centred on today’s refugee crisis, the film is one of Julie-Anne’s many business endeavours with a strong social purpose.